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Everybody speaks about the ideal client

When you start a small business, everybody starts to speak abut finding your ideal client like it was just a task – build a website, establish a company, pay taxes, find the ideal client.

But who is an ideal client?
No, not everybody who has a purse full of money. Wrong answer.
Your ideal client is someone who needs the skills you have mastered.
If you are a small business owner, let’s say, a start-up CEO, you must have come across the term „ideal client” a million times. But meeting an ideal client might sound like meeting the Love of Your Life. You either belive in them or not.

But this is about business, not fairy tales.
And the ideal client is someone who can be defined, and after that, he/she/it can be found.
How? First you should know who YOU are:

1. Who are YOU?

You must be very clear about this: who you are, what you do, for whom.
Like: I am a social media manager helping small business owners make their business visible online.
One of our clients is an awesome plumber specialised in finding the leaks in Victorian houses.
See? Could Joseph, our plumber build the water supply system for new houses? Surely. But if he would apply for every job out there, he might not get any, as there are thousands of plumbers in this area. But there aren’t so many experts on leaking Victorian houses.
If you know, who you are, what your skills are, which areas you are familiar with, you would find the answer easily for the question: who your ideal client is.

2. Find out the most you can about your ideal client

So, you know who you are and what you do.
But who would you like to do it for?
Okay, I know – for the multimillionaire who doesn’t count money just pays for everything.
But, you know, it’s business, not fairy tale, let’s stick to the ground.
How old is your ideal client, where do they live, are they married, how flexible are they: do they own property or rent it, what is their lifestyle like, what are their worries and fears.

3. What is your client’s most painful problem?

If you have the answer for your client’s most painful problem, you have everything: their trust, their support, their money. And they would tell everybody that you managed to solve their burning problem. And this worth more than money.
Read and listen to the influencers in your industry – it is like fashion: what influencers say that cause pain for them, is what you should solve and let the influencers know about it.

4. Be seen – especially for your ideal clients

So, you know who they are, where they live, what they do, what they are interested in. What stops you from getting in touch with them?
First, make a Google search what are the most often asked questions, most popular problems in your field. When you have found the question, write an FB post, a blog post, an Insta post, a tweet about it and share, share, share them! Don’t wait for your friends to feel your problem and share your post on their own, ask them! Believe me, there is a much greater engagement if you ask for it.

Be everywhere – Facebook groups are among the strongest networking systems. Read the guidelines! If you are going to be banned for self-promoting, you wouldn’t find your client. Be wise and humble, but be there.

5. Keep an eye on your competitors

Always. Are they better than you? Why?
Why isn’t just a rhetorical question – make a research by yourself:
– monitor their social media: how often do they post, what do they post (photo/video/ call for engagement)
– monitor their ads – do they make ads, how long can you see them, what time, what kind of ads are they?
– Monitor their prices – are they doing offers? How often, how long, what things/ services are on sale?
– Are they in the news? Do they use classical public relation tools?

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