Web and Social Media Services


Our Custom Pack is our most popular service – for a good reason. It involves 2 social media platform Facebook and Instagram or Twitter or Pinterest (don’t underestimate the value of Pinterest. If it is well managed, it draws you followers like a magnet.). If you choose this pack, we need to be able to access your business pages on both platforms. We are going to publish 2-3 RELEVANT posts on Facebook and 1-2 Insta posts daily, manage comments, share your content in relevant groups where people would be happy to read about you. We are searching for your hiding clients actively, and make our best to convert followers into engaged customers.
We make 3 images or photos with quotes every week. We always use genuine photos and imagines, so you should never worry about copyright issues.
Planning is always included in our packs – so our posts would be no surprises for you (unless if that is what you want).
We measure constantly what we have done, and you are going to receive a report about our work every month.