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About Uptime
A few details…
Everyone with a website knows that things can sometimes go wrong. Sometimes it is with the code, the server or the network….
Uptime control is all about helping you to keep your websites up.
It monitors your websites every 5 minutes and alerts you if your sites are down.


Don’t confuse this phrase with the thinking that fresh content will give you higher indexing.  That may not be the case.  However, the more frequently you update your website with articles, downloads, and new web pages, the more frequently a search engine will stop by to visit your website.  When search engines look at your site more frequently, you have the opportunity to achieve higher rankings based on the content you provide.

Search engines use web crawlers (a.k.a robots, bots, or “Google bots”), which are simply high-tech programs that scan the internet for websites.  The web crawler “indexes” a site based upon a number of algorithmic factors determined by the search engine company.

For instance, a site may be indexed based upon a combination of the number of incoming links to the site, the number and type of subject keywords used, and how often a site is updated.  Every time you make an update to your website, the search engine takes notice and re-arranges your site’s ranking.  Thus, if you want to increase the chances of your website getting a higher ranking, update the content frequently so that a search engine will reassess your position on its index.

Keep in mind, more content is not the key here, quality is. So, yes, it is a good idea to update frequently, but keep your content standards high. If you blast your page with a ton of low-quality articles stuffed with keywords, you are going to be penalized.